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Cравнительное избирательное право: обзор исследований
Журнал зарубежного законодательства и сравнительного правоведения (2012)
  • Leonid G. Berlyavskiy, Rostov State Economic University RINH

In the article the review of researches by Russian and foreign authors is presented to areas Compare tive Electoral Law. Number growth became a global tendency of last decades demokratic states in which the elections are regularly held. For Russia continues to remain topical the problem of overcoming of a heavy heritage of the authoritative past. In the western Political science the extensive material devoted to the analysis of Electoral systems, regulations and institutes , their evolutions is saved practically on all continents

  • suffrage,
  • elections,
  • electoral systems,
  • comparative jurisprudence,
  • tipology,
  • electoral process
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Leonid G. Berlyavskiy. "Cравнительное избирательное право: обзор исследований" Журнал зарубежного законодательства и сравнительного правоведения Iss. 5 (2012)
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