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The Constitution of Palestine: "the State in development"
Modern Constitutionalism (2007)
  • Leonid G. Berlyavskiy, Rostov State Economic University RINH

Constitution of Palestine is an example of the constitutional act of the so-called "states in development" that is, being at the stage of development. The planned for the autumn of 2000 declaration of "the State the Palestine" has not taken place, however the constitution is considered working. According to the fundamental law Palestine is the parliamentary republic with rather extensive powers of the president, and is the unitary state.

  • Constitution,
  • Palestine,
  • constitutional system,
  • Middle East
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Leonid G. Berlyavskiy. "The Constitution of Palestine: "the State in development"" Modern Constitutionalism Iss. 3 (2007)
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