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Формально-юридический метод в правовых исследованиях: современные подходы
Юридический мир (2012)
  • Leonid G. Berlyavskiy, Rostov State Economic University RINH
  • Elena S. Shmatova

The article is devoted to studying of the formal-legal method in Legal researches. Jurisprudence uses widely the formal-legal (or formal-logic) method of analysis of the investigated normative material. It consists in explanation of the essence and the importance of the law or other statutory act, proceeding from its own maintenance. This method sometimes name still is formal-dogmatic as it is directed on disclosing of dogma of the Law

  • formal-legal method,
  • legal researches,
  • dogma of the Law,
  • legal methodology,
  • the legal technics
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Leonid G. Berlyavskiy and Elena S. Shmatova. "Формально-юридический метод в правовых исследованиях: современные подходы" Юридический мир Vol. 6 (2012)
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