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Unpublished Paper
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Banana Market:
ExpressO (2009)
  • Leonel Enrique Baquerizo, University of Connecticut School of Law

The dispute developed around the EC banana import regime involves important matters in modern societies. It is related with legal issues such as the right of freedom to pursue a trade or business, the principle of non-discrimination, the principle of protection of legitimate expectations, the right to request compensation for damages, the principal of “pacta sunt servanda”, the enforcement of international law, among others. It is also linked with social issues such as international development policies, artificially created lack of opportunities in undeveloped countries and illegal immigration. Finally it is connected with political views about the government power to limits individual freedom and conditions fundamental human rights.

The rights of European citizens under EC law will be explore, as well as the relationship between international law and the EC legal system, also the remedies available to individuals under EC legal structure and the remedies available to Member States under WTO rules. Unfortunately the dispute continues at international level; consequently there are people waiting for justice under international law.

Publication Date
Winter February 10, 2009
Citation Information
Leonel Enrique Baquerizo. "The European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Banana Market:" ExpressO (2009)
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