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Cerebral asymmetry for aspects of sentence processing
Communication Quarterly (1983)
  • Leonard J Shedletsky, University of Southern Maine

In an earlier study by this author it was found that when subjects hear a monaurally presented two-clause sentence immediately followed by a probe word, they are faster at indicating that the probe had occurred in the sentence (Identical Word Recognition) with left ear (right hemisphere) presentation than with right ear (left hemisphere) presentation. This was interpreted as support for the idea that the left hemisphere is particularly efficient at transforming linguistic. auditory stimuli into an abstract representation of the meaning.

  • SENTENCES (Grammar),
  • WORD recognition,
  • AUDITORY perception,
  • SEMANTICS CEREBRAL hemispheres
Publication Date
Winter 1983
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Leonard J Shedletsky. "Cerebral asymmetry for aspects of sentence processing" Communication Quarterly Vol. 31 Iss. 1 (1983)
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