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About Leonard W Parker

Dr. Parker’s profile includes an earned doctorate in education and experience in teaching and administration in the field of education since 1970. As a member of the faculty of Liberty University since 1986, his primary expertise and research has been focused on college-level adult education, experiential learning assessment, learning styles, study skills and technology as it relates to distance learning. Throughout his early life the love of Christian education and the Christian ministry were complement of each other. Ordained as a young minister in 1973 right out of college, he not only taught music in various elementary and secondary schools, but served in many churches as youth and music minister. In 1989 he was honored with the Doctor of Divinity degree for his outstanding service. Whenever, he has any time to spare his love of family, especially grandchildren, oil painting, and the art of magic completes his life.


Present Professor of Education, Liberty University School of Education

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Leonard W. Parker
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