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Lettau Affect Colloquium: or Seeing Natural Philosophy with Len
Physics Department Colloquium Series (2011)
  • L. F. Hall, Utah State University
I was a Senior-Grad student in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison on 19 December 1969. After purchasing a camera to photograph motorcycle trips, I returned to the 13th floor of the Meteorology and Space Science building in time to attend the annual slide show presented by Professor Heinz H. Lettau. Slides were collected from department members to augment his own and Dr. Lettau organized and presented the set. It was a feast of previously unnoticed phenomena that enriched my life. This presentation of photos and composites celebrates a rich contribution of a Doktor Vater to a Doktor Sohn, and hopefully, provides some visual joy to others as part of his legacy to us all. This is the Lettau Affect and the origin of Seeing. I like open hearted, sharing, discussion in science and enjoy the physical principles of Natural Philosophy – others seeing it with me is a joy. As you look at the images, consider each to be a frame in a movie recording energy and material flow that your knowledge allows you to imagine. The images are like pictures of the Crab Nebula and other astronomical events which we see as stills taken from the movie we run in our imagination through knowledge of processes. Sometimes questions remain there, too.
  • rainbow,
  • halo,
  • corona,
  • spectrum,
  • reflection,
  • meniscus,
  • ice,
  • frazil ice,
  • infrared radiation,
  • wind profile,
  • flow shear,
  • horseshoe vortex,
  • layered fluid,
  • micrometeorology,
  • dew,
  • guttation,
  • hoarfrost,
  • frost,
  • rime,
  • glaze,
  • snow,
  • snowmelt,
  • cumulus cloud,
  • pileus,
  • velum,
  • fog
Publication Date
February 15, 2011
Citation Information
L. F. Hall. "Lettau Affect Colloquium: or Seeing Natural Philosophy with Len" Physics Department Colloquium Series (2011)
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