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THE UTAH SOLAR NETWORK Measuring Our Solar Blessings
Utah Science (1982)
  • L. F. Hall, Utah State University
  • L. E. Hipps, Utah State University
  • G. Venugopal, Utah State University
Making efficient use of solar energy depends upon our having extensive. longterm, reasonably site-specific data. Thanks to a network of volunteer- operated stations, Utah is on its way toward having such a base.
  • sun,
  • solar system,
  • solar energy,
  • solar energy distribution,
  • annual cycle,
  • diurnal cycle,
  • weather,
  • scattering,
  • absorption,
  • irradiance,
  • direct irradiance,
  • diffuse irradiance,
  • global irradiance,
  • ultraviolet,
  • ozone,
  • sensors,
  • pyrheliometer,
  • pyranometer,
  • shadowband
Publication Date
Winter 1982
Citation Information
L. F. Hall, L. E. Hipps and G. Venugopal. "THE UTAH SOLAR NETWORK Measuring Our Solar Blessings" Utah Science Vol. 43 Iss. 4 (1982)
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