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Utah Science (1982)
  • L. F. Hall, Utah State University
The rich green drapery of a frost-damaged Hubbard Squash leaf, backlit by a late afternoon sun, caught the attention of micrometerologist/ photographer L.F. Hall in September 1981 . The leaf turned out to be part of a particularly clear illustration of variations in frost intensity near a small lilac bush. Photographic and instrumented studies of progressing frost damage and temperatures in the vicinity of the bush during the succeeding three week episode of several killing frosts led to the article starting on page 72.
  • micrometeorology,
  • microclimate,
  • heat transfer,
  • conduction,
  • convection,
  • latent heat,
  • longwave radiation,
  • net thermal radiation,
  • radiation frost,
  • frost protection,
  • overhanging vegetation,
  • shielding,
  • turgor,
  • soil temperature,
  • infrared thermometer
Publication Date
Fall 1982
Citation Information
L. F. Hall. "RADIATION FROST PROTECTION" Utah Science Vol. 43 Iss. 3 (1982)
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