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The impact of forensic issues on women's rights
Human sexual aggression: Current Perspectives
  • Lenore E. Walker, Nova Southeastern University
The changes in sexual assault laws, procedures for processing cases, as well as social norms have increased the number of victims who are involved in some form of litigation, including being a witness in a criminal prosecution of a sex offender or in an administrative hearing against a licensed professional, a plaintiff in a civil tort action, and a party in a divorce or juvenile court action. For many sexual assault victims, most of whom are women, this is their first encounter with the legal system. Although this increased involvement in litigation has had a positive impact on women’s rights in general, individual women have reported feeling as though they were being victimized a second time. This paper will review the history of rape litigation, the gains made in women’s legal and social rights, and current forensic issues as they impact on individual victims and on women’s rights in general
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DOI (chapter): 10.1111/j.1749-6632.1988.tb50878.x / ISBN (book): 978-0897664516
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New York Academy of Sciences
Prentky R.A. & V.L. Quinsey (Eds.)
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Lenore E. Walker. "The impact of forensic issues on women's rights" New YorkHuman sexual aggression: Current Perspectives (1988) p. 361 - 372
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