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Psychology and Domestic Violence Around the World
American Psychologist
  • Lenore E Walker, Nova Southeastern University
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  • Cross Cultural Differences,
  • Domestic Violence,
  • Prevention,
  • Psychology,
  • Sociocultural Factors,
  • Cross Cultural Psychology
Psychologists around the world have made contributions in research, clinical assessment, and intervention and prevention of domestic violence. Although each country has unique factors that determine the services and resources available to battered women, children exposed to domestic violence, and abusive partners, it is the interaction among gender, political structure, religious beliefs, attitudes toward violence in general, and violence toward women, as well as state-sponsored violence, such as civil conflicts and wars, and the migration within and between countries that ultimately determine women's vulnerability and safety. This article reviews the latest psychological research and applications to intervention and prevention programs. An introduction to the various articles that compose this international perspectives section is also included.
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Lenore E Walker. "Psychology and Domestic Violence Around the World" American Psychologist Vol. 54 Iss. 1 (1999) p. 21 - 29 ISSN: 0003-066X
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