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Woody Plants of Utah
Utah State University Faculty Monographs
  • Renee Van Buren
  • Janet G. Cooper
  • Leila M. Shultz, Utah State University
  • Kimball T. Harper
A comprehensive guide that includes a vast range of species and plant communities and employs thorough, original keys. Based primarily on vegetative characteristics, the keys don't require that flowers or other reproductive features be present, like many plant guides. And this guide's attention to woody plants as a whole allows one to identify a much greater variety of plants. That especially suits an arid region such as Utah with less diverse native trees. Woody plants are those that have stems that persist above ground even through seasons that don't favor growth, due to low precipitation or temperatures. Woody Plants of Utah employs dichotomous identification keys that are comparable to a game of twenty questions. It works through a process of elimination by choosing sequential alternatives. Detailed, illustrated plant descriptions complement the keys and provide additional botanical and environmental information in relation to a useful introductory categorization of Utah plant communities. Supplementary tools include photos, distribution maps, and an illustrated glossary.
Utah State University Press
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Van Buren, Renee, Janet G. Cooper, Leila M. Shultz, and Kimball T. Harper. Woody Plants of Utah. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press, 2011.