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New Species of Townsendia (Asteraceae) from Northern Arizona
Brittonia (1980)
  • Leila M Shultz, Ph.D.
The genus Townsendia (tribe Astereae of Asteraceae) is composed of approximately twenty-five species that are native to central and western North America and adjacent Mexico. Strict genetic isolation cannot be used as a criterion for the definition of species in Townsendia. Rather, geographical barriers have resulted in the isolation and definition of species, and when populations overlap hybridization often occurs (Beaman, 1957). Discontinuous soil types and numerous geographic barriers in the Intermountain Region have given rise to a number of narrow endemics in the genus and complicated the delimitation of species. The very distinctive T. smithii is restricted to red basalt-derived soils. It is known from one mountain range in the northwestern corner of Arizona where it was discovered in 1976 by Frank J. Smith.
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Leila M Shultz. "New Species of Townsendia (Asteraceae) from Northern Arizona" Brittonia Vol. 32 Iss. 2 (1980) p. 144 - 147
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