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Market design test environments
Proceedings of the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting
  • S. Widergren, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Junjie Sun, Iowa State University
  • Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
2006 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting
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2006 IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting
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June 18-22, 2006
(45.5016889, -73.56725599999999)

Power industry restructuring continues to evolve at multiple levels of system operations. At the bulk electricity level, several organizations charged with regional system operation are implementing versions of a wholesale power market platform (WPMP) in response to U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission initiatives. Recently the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and several regional initiatives have been pressing the integration of demand response as a resource for system operations. These policy and regulatory pressures are driving the exploration of new market designs at the wholesale and retail levels. The complex interplay among structural conditions, market protocols, and learning behaviors in relation to short-term and longer-term market performance demand a flexible computational environment where designs can be tested and sensitivities to power system and market rule changes can be explored. This paper discusses the use of agent-based computational methods for the study of electricity markets at the wholesale and retail levels, and explores distinctions in problem formulation between these levels


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S. Widergren, Junjie Sun and Leigh Tesfatsion. "Market design test environments" Montreal, CanadaProceedings of the IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2006)
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