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Contribution to Book
Note to a Suffering Patient
The Healing Art of Writing: Volume One (2011)
  • LeeAnn Bartolini, Department of Psychology, Dominican University of California
Perspectives in Medical Humanities publishes scholarship produced or reviewed under the auspices of the University of California Medical Humanities Consortium, a multi-campus collaborative of faculty, students and trainees in the humanities, medicine, and health sciences. Our series invites scholars from the humanities and health care professions to share narratives and analysis on health, healing, and the contexts of our beliefs and practices that impact biomedical inquiry.
  • medical humanities,
  • creative writing,
  • healing,
  • poetry
Publication Date
June 30, 2011
Joan Baranow, Brian Dolan, David Watts
University of California Medical Humanities Press
Perspectives in Medical Humanities
Citation Information
LeeAnn Bartolini. "Note to a Suffering Patient" San Francisco, CAThe Healing Art of Writing: Volume One Vol. 1 (2011) p. 96
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