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A Class Explores: Dangerousness and Mental Illness
  • LeeAnn Bartolini, Department of Psychology, Dominican University of California
Each year in our Abnormal Psychology course at Dominican University of California students collectively explore a topic about mental illness that receives media attention. Last year we looked at the problem of the homeless mentally ill and posted our study online. The focus in the 2014/2015 academic year is: Dangerousness and Mental Illness. What is meant by dangerousness? In California we distinguish between danger to self and danger to others when we discuss civil commitment guidelines. Our study, presented in this blog, and written by students, will focus on danger to others and the link between mental illness and crime. Students will review the psychological literature between the years 1992-2012 and will look at popular media in these same years. The posts you will read are student summaries of identified literature on both sides of this topic. Dominican University of California does not endorse any of the views written here.
  • mental illness,
  • psychology
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LeeAnn Bartolini. "A Class Explores: Dangerousness and Mental Illness" (2014)
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