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The Odyssey: Finding Our Way to Student Engagement
  • Lee A. Dubert, Boise State University
  • Peter Erickson, East Junior High School in Boise, Idaho
  • Susan D. Martin, Boise State University
  • Heather Sinnes
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Greek myths and heroic tales have a place in the curriculum in many different grade levels and subjects. The Odyssey, for example, is required reading in many secondary English Language Arts classrooms. Although it is a thrilling story, sometimes its apparent age and language discourage our students from reading it or enjoying their study of this work. In this article we suggest ways to capture student interest and foster connections with this ancient classic.
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Lee A. Dubert, Peter Erickson, Susan D. Martin and Heather Sinnes. "The Odyssey: Finding Our Way to Student Engagement" InLand (2011)
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