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About Lee E. Patterson

Two distinct fields compete for my scholarly time: political uses of myth in the Greek world (and related issues involving perceptions of myth by Strabo, Pausanias, etc.) and Roman Armenia (and related issues involving the Arsacids, the Sasanians, Roman frontier studies, etc.). My first book Kinship Myth in Ancient Greece (reviewed in BMCR) examined communities (and sometimes kings like Alexander the Great) that invoked shared putative ancestors to justify a diplomatic venture.  On authors’ attitudes toward myth I have published articles in various journals, with a study on Strabo recently appearing in The Routledge Companion to Strabo.  Also forthcoming is a chapter on the writing of political myth, simply titled "Politics," for The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Mythography.  On the Roman side, I am currently writing a book on Roman Armenia.  My interest in this topic has yielded a number of recent publications, including "Caracalla's Armenia" in the journal Syllecta Classica; "Antony and Armenia" in TAPA; and a chapter titled “Minority Religions in the Sasanian Empire: Suppression, Integration, and Relations with Rome” in the edited volume Sasanian Persia: Between Rome and the Steppes of Eurasia.  I am the recipient of two Achievement and Contribution Awards, one in Research in 2014 and one in Balanced (Teaching, Research, and Service) in 2016.


Present Associate Professor, Eastern Illinois University History

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Present Member, American Research Institute of the South Caucasus
Present Member, Association for Iranian Studies
Present Member, Association of Ancient Historians
Present Member, Classical Association of the Middle West and South
Present Member, Society for Classical Studies (formerly American Philological Association)
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  • HIS 1500: Roots of the Modern World: Society and Religion
  • HIS 3120: Ancient Egypt
  • HIS 3130: Iraq and the Ancient Near East
  • HIS 3140: Ancient Greece
  • HIS 3150: The Roman World
  • HIS 3160: Ancient Iran
  • HIS 4863: The Trojan War: History and Archaeology
  • HIS 4865: Alexander the Great
  • HIS 5440: Ancient Persia: From the Achaemenids to the Sasanians


2003 PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia ‐ Classical Studies

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