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Philosophies and Ideologies
History Matters
  • Lee Eysturlid, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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In a world dominated by testing, it becomes ever more challenging to consider the impact of the "idea" on the course of historical and intellectual development. The teaching of ideas is difficult because any idea not made explicit by its creator can be open to endless interpretations. We are left then with the need to construct a path for students to try and develop an understanding rather than an answer. In the following approach, the goal will be to provide two examples for drawing students into the development of historical interpretation and empathy without sacrificing our need to remain critical.

Published online in History Matters April 2017.

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Eysturlid, Lee. "Philosophies and Ideologies." History Matters!: Ideas, Notes, and News About History Education 29 (April 2017). Accessed MONTH DAY, YEAR.