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When a Psychometric Advance Falls in the Forest
Psychometrika (2006)
  • Lee Anna Clark, University of Iowa

Borsboom (2006) attacks psychologists for failing to incorporate psychometric advances in their work, discusses factors that contribute to this regrettable situation, and offers suggestions for ameliorating it. This commentary applauds Borsboom for calling the field to task on this issue and notes additional problems in the field regarding measurement that he could add to his critique. It also chastises Borsboom for occasionally being unnecessarily perjorative in his critique, noting that negative rhetoric is unlikely to make converts of offenders. Finally, it exhorts psychometricians to make their work more accessible and points to Borsboom, Mellenbergh, and Van Heerden (2003) as an excellent example of how this can be done. Keywords psychometrics

  • psychometrics - psychological measurement - construct validity - critique
Publication Date
September, 2006
Citation Information
Lee Anna Clark. "When a Psychometric Advance Falls in the Forest" Psychometrika Vol. 71 Iss. 3 (2006)
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