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Affect, personality, and social activity
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1992)
  • David Watson, University of Iowa
  • Lee A Clark
  • Curtis W McIntyre

Examined relations between social activity and state and trait measures of Positive and Negative Affect. In Study 1, Ss completed scales relevant to 3-factor models of personality and a weekly mood and social activity questionnaire for 13 wks. In Study 2, Ss completed measures of the 5-factor model of personality and a daily mood and social activity survey for 6-7 wks. In within- and between-Ss analyses, socializing correlated significantly with state measures of Positive Affect and with trait measures of Extraversion/Positive Emotionality. These relations were relatively general across various types of positive affect and social events; however, specific types of social events also were differentially related to affect. In contrast, social activity had no consistent association with measures of Negative Affect or the other personality dimensions. The results support a temperamental view of Extraversion. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved)

  • state & trait positive vs negative affect & personality & social activity,
  • college students
Publication Date
December, 1992
Citation Information
David Watson, Lee A Clark and Curtis W McIntyre. "Affect, personality, and social activity" Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Vol. 63 Iss. 6 (1992)
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