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Stability and Change in Personality Disorder
Current Directions in Psychological Science (2009)
  • Lee Anna Clark, University of Iowa

The standard view of personality disorder is that it is a maladaptive expression of personality traits, which are relatively stable and unchanging. Thus, personality disorder has been considered to have its roots in childhood and adolescence, to persist in adulthood, and to be difficult to change. However, recent research has challenged this view, revealing that personality continues to change, albeit more slowly, well into adulthood, and that the maladaptive manifestations of personality disorder are much less stable than previously believed. These research findings are described, and factors that influence stability and change in personality disorder are discussed. The emerging view of personality disorder has important implications for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of personality pathology.

  • stability • change • personality disorder
Publication Date
February, 2009
Citation Information
Lee Anna Clark. "Stability and Change in Personality Disorder" Current Directions in Psychological Science Vol. 18 Iss. 1 (2009)
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