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STARS presentation for AMH 6939
University of Central Florida (2016)
  • Lee Dotson, University of Central Florida
Presentation given to Dr. Gannon's AMH 6939 class on February 8, 2016 by Lee Dotson, Digital Initiatives Librarian. The presentation introduces STARS (Showcase for Text, Archives, Research & Scholarship, UCF's institutional digital repository hosted by Digital Commons, with examples of content that faculty and students can submit. UCF's Showcase of Text, Archives,Research & Scholarship exists to publicize, disseminate, and provide ready access to works by, for, and about the University of Central Florida. Digital history and humanities examples were highlighted.
  • STARS,
  • Scholarly Communication,
  • digital projects,
  • Digital history,
  • AMH 6939
Publication Date
February 6, 2016
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Lee Dotson. "STARS presentation for AMH 6939" University of Central Florida (2016)
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