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About The Scholar Edition

Le Concurrentialiste provides a platform for leading scholarship on Antitrust Law enforcement, at both american and european levels. We publish articles by today's leading authorities on current topics exploring and related to domestic and global antitrust law, competition policy, and industrial economics for a readership of professional practitioners, academics, and policy makers.
Le Concurrentialiste covers a wide range of enforcement related topics, including: private law enforcement, cooperation between competition agencies, the promotion of worldwide competition law enforcement, optimal design of enforcement policies, performance measurement, empirical analysis of enforcement policies, combination of functions in the competition agency mandate, and competition agency governance. Also, Le Concurrentialiste covers topics such as the role of the judiciary in competition enforcement, leniency, cartel prosecution, effective merger enforcement, competition enforcement and human rights, and the regulation of sectors.
Le Concurrentialiste recently created a new publication called The Scholar Edition. Mainly intended for an academic audience, The Scholar Edition gathers a selection of articles addressing various issues of international Antitrust law. Selected among high-level academic publications, the papers published in The Scholar Edition are written by antitrust law specialists (Ph.D., JS.D., Research Fellow, Professor…). These papers meet the American academic standards. A French summary will be available for every publication.
All article submitted via ExpressO are published in the Scholar Edition. True to our desire to share antitrust law studies with the largest number, The Scholar Edition is freely accessible and is published on The Scholar Edition benefits in full from Le Concurrentialiste international reputation.

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