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Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Deconstructing the Big Deal
  • Leanne Olson, Western University
  • Alie Visser
Presented by Alie Visser, Leanne Olson, and Samuel Cassady, Western University

Until the fall of the Canadian dollar in 2016, Western University made collections decisions for journal packages based on cost per use. This was no longer adequate for the savings we needed. Our poster will explain how Western University made data-driven decisions building on the “”big deal”” analysis work initiated by the Universite de Montreal. We’ll explore:
• Conducting a journal overlap analysis
• Using a faculty survey to determine core titles
• Performing a citation analysis of faculty publications using Web of Science and Scopus
• Weighting criteria to determine potential buyback lists
• Practical tools to help attendees experiment with their own collections
Publication Date
February 3, 2017
Citation Information
Leanne Olson and Alie Visser. "Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Deconstructing the Big Deal" (2017)
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