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NDEP Assessment of Food Preparation 2013.pdf
NDEP Newsline (2013)
  • Leann Schaeffer
  • Sandra Hudak
  • Anne Weiner
  • Brian Miller
Some dietetic students of the current generation appear to lack knowledge, willingness and/or the ability to prepare or cook food from its raw form, otherwise known as “cooking from scratch”. Today, some dietitians attempt to distance their practice from the traditional home economics pedagogy and separate themselves from food preparation in order to focus on the science of nutrition.  However, food is still an integral part of nutrition and dietetics and cannot be ignored. 
  • Dietetic Student,
  • Food Knowledge,
  • Culinary Skill
Publication Date
September 23, 2013
Citation Information
Leann Schaeffer, Sandra Hudak, Anne Weiner and Brian Miller. "NDEP Assessment of Food Preparation 2013.pdf" NDEP Newsline (2013)
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