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Doing Family History (I): Genealogy without Documentation is Mythology
Day of Common Learning
  • Carrie Fry, Seattle Pacific University
  • Leah Hannaford, Seattle Pacific University
Cremona 101
  • Day of Common Learning

Join two of your faculty librarians and start tracing your own family history! We will discuss the ins-and-outs of researching your roots as we examine what DNA testing and genealogy research can do for you. Come compare DNA testing companies, identify available historical information, and examine specialized tools for keeping family research information organized. *Note, this session and Doing Family History (II) have complementary content. Feel free to attend one or both, in any order.

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Carrie Fry and Leah Hannaford. "Doing Family History (I): Genealogy without Documentation is Mythology" (2016)
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