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The Less-Than-Golden State of International Aribtration
The Recorder (2010)
  • Leah D. Harhay, World Arbitration & Mediation Review
  • David D. Caron

California Code of Civil Procedure §1282.4 and Local Rule 9.43 govern the ability of attorneys who are not members of the State Bar of California to act as counsel in international arbitrations here. Both allow out-of-state attorneys to participate in these arbitrations, but provide no similar provisions for out-of-country attorneys. However, even out-of-state attorneys are not safe. In 2011, when §1282.4 sunsets, out-of-state attorneys will also be barred from appearing as counsel in California-based international arbitrations.

  • "california law",
  • "foreign attorneys",
  • "international arbitration in california",
  • 1297,
  • 1284,
  • caron
Publication Date
April 12, 2010
Citation Information
Leah D. Harhay and David D. Caron. "The Less-Than-Golden State of International Aribtration" The Recorder (2010)
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