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Social and Academic Success of Chinese International Students at Michigan State University
ACPA (2015)
  • Bristol Day, Michigan State University
  • Larry D Long, Michigan State University
The continued rise of international student enrollment at institutions of higher education in the U.S. has brought with it a heightened urgency for student affairs professionals to not only understand the challenges facing our student populations, but to also create effective academic and social support structures on our campus. Utilizing institutional data, trends will be shared related to the social and academic integration of Chinese students as well as recommendations related to campus partnerships and successful programmatic interventions.
  • China,
  • College Students,
  • Academic Success,
  • Sense of Belonging
Publication Date
March 8, 2015
Citation Information
Day, B., & Long, L. D. (March 8, 2014). Academic and social integration of Chinese international students. Presented at the annual meeting of ACPA. Tampa, FL. Available at: