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A Comparative in Vitro Digestion Trial Using Inocula of Livestock from South Turkana and Kitale, Kenya
Journal of Agricultural Science (Cambridge) (1988)
  • D. Layne Coppock, Utah State University
  • J. E. Ellis
  • S. K. Waweru
  • Vitro Digestion Trial,
  • Inocula,
  • Livestock,
  • South Turkana,
  • Kitale,
  • Kenya
Publication Date
January 1, 1988
Citation Information
Coppock, D. L., J. E. Ellis, and S. K. Waweru. 1988. A comparative in vitro digestion trial using inocula of livestock from South Turkana and Kitale, Kenya. Journal of Agricultural Science (Cambridge), 110:61-63.