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Plant-Herbivore Interactions in a North American Mixed-Grass Prairie. II. Responses of Bison to Modification of Vegetation by Prairie Dogs
Oecologia (1983)
  • D. Layne Coppock, Utah State University
  • J. K. Detling
  • J. E. Ellis
  • M. I. Dyer
  • Plant-Herbivore,
  • North American,
  • Mixed-Grass Prairie,
  • Bison,
  • Modification of Vegetation,
  • Prairie Dogs
Publication Date
January 1, 1983
Citation Information
Coppock, D. L., J. E. Ellis, J. K. Detling, and M. I. Dyer. 1983b. Plant- herbivore interactions in a North American mixed-grass prairie. II. Responses of bison to modification of vegetation by prairie dogs. Oecologia 56: 10-15.