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2,6-Diacylnaphthalene-1,8:4,5-Bis(dicarboximides): Synthesis, Facile Reduction, and Core Extension
Journal of Organic Chemistry (2012)
  • Lauren E. Polander, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Laxman Pandey, Georgia Institute of Technology
2,6-Diacyl derivatives of naphthalene-1,8:4,5-bis(dicarboximide)s have been synthesized via Stille coupling reactions of the corresponding 2,6-distannyl derivative with acyl halides. Reaction of these diketones with hydrazine gave phthalazino[6,7,8,1-lmna]pyridazino[5,4,3-gh][3,8]phenanthroline-5,11(4H,10H)-dione fused-ring derivatives. The products were characterized by UV–vis absorption spectroscopy and electrochemistry, modeled using density functional theory calculations, and, in some cases, studied and compared using single-crystal X-ray diffraction.
  • Stille coupling reactions,
  • Facile reduction,
  • Core extension
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Lauren E. Polander and Laxman Pandey. "2,6-Diacylnaphthalene-1,8:4,5-Bis(dicarboximides): Synthesis, Facile Reduction, and Core Extension" Journal of Organic Chemistry Vol. 77 Iss. 13 (2012)
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