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老有所終? 香港中年市民的退休準備
Hong Kong Journal of Gerontology = 香港老年學報
  • Wing Kin, Kenneth LAW, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Ying Keung CHAN, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Po San, Shirley WAN, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Alternative Title
Successful ageing? Pre-retirement planning among middle-aged Hong Kong residents
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Journal article
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In spite of the fact that pre-retirement planning has received increased attention from western gerontologists, it is still a recent research agenda of elderly research in Hong Kong. Our survey of 488 middle-aged Hong Kong residents found that the majority of the respondents were quite unprepared for their retirement. Among the 16 items of pre-retirement planning, only one item, i.e., persons to live with, was prepared slightly more than half of the respondents. Consequently, most respondents admitted that they were not well prepared for their retirement. Research findings also indicated that most respondents tended to concentrate on financial and health planning. The type and amount of pre-retirement planning were affected by respondents' socio-economic background, such as marital status, gender, income and educational levels.

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Copyright © 1999 Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

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羅榮健、陳膺強、尹寶珊 (1999)。老有所終? 香港中年市民的退休準備 = Successful ageing? Pre-retirement planning among middle-aged Hong Kong residents。《香港老年學報 = Hong Kong Journal of Gerontology》,13(2),29-43。