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香港青年的民族自豪感 : 狀況、原因及意涵
青年研究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies
  • Ka Ying, Timothy WONG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Po San, Shirley WAN, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Wing Kin, Kenneth LAW, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Alternative Title
The national pride of Hong Kong youth : situation, causes, and implications
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • 民族自豪感,
  • 國民教育,
  • 青年,
  • 階級認同,
  • 香港特區政府,
  • national pride,
  • national education,
  • youth,
  • class identification,
  • HKSAR government
民族自豪感是現代民族國家內部凝聚的重要基礎。本文根據一項2007年底進行的社會調查,探討了香港青年民族自豪感的狀況及影響因素。結果發現,青年的民族自豪感與中年或以上人士並無明顯差異,均屬頗高水平,反映回歸十年香港特區在與中國這一民族國家的整合上頗為成功。本文同時發現,顯著影響民族自豪感的因素包括出生地、主觀社會階層認同、特區公民自豪感、特區經濟現況滿意度、特區民主發展滿意度和中央政府信任度,當中又以特區公民自豪感和中央政府信任度最為重要。 National pride is an important basis for the internal cohesiveness of modern nation-states. This paper makes use of data from a 2007 social survey to examine the national pride amongst Hong Kong youth, and the factors shaping it. It finds that national pride amongst the youth of Hong Kong is very high and similar to that of older age groups, reflecting the success of Hong Kong’s reunification with the Chinese nation-state over the past decade. This study also reveals that the factors which have shaped the national pride of Hong Kong people include place of birth, subjective class identification, satisfaction with the local economy, satisfaction with local democratic development, local pride in being citizens of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and trust in the central government. The last two factors seem to most engender national pride.
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Citation Information
王家英、尹寶珊、羅榮健 (2009)。香港青年的民族自豪感 : 狀況、原因及意涵 = The national pride of Hong Kong youth: Situation, causes, and implications。《靑年硏究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies》,12(1),28-38。