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Finiteness Notions in Fuzzy Sets
Fuzzy Sets and Systems (2001)
  • Lawrence N. Stout, Illinois Wesleyan University
Finite sets are one of the most fundamental mathematical structures. In the absence of the axiom of choice there are many different inequivalent definitions of finite even in classical logic. When we allow incomplete existence as in fuzzy sets the situation gets even more complicated. This paper gives nine distinct definitions of finite in a fuzzy context together with examples showing how the properties of the underlying lattice of truth values impact the meanings of finite.
  • Logic,
  • finite sets,
  • fuzzy sets.
Publication Date
Fall November 16, 2001
Citation Information
Lawrence N. Stout. "Finiteness Notions in Fuzzy Sets" Fuzzy Sets and Systems Vol. 124 Iss. 1 (2001)
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