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Quantitative evaluation on indigent criminal defense funding
Management Faculty Research
  • Ralph E. McKinney, Marshall University
  • Lawrence P. Shao, Marshall University
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This article takes a quantitative approach to build upon McKinney and Shao's (2008) qualitative contribution concerning resource a/location of indigent criminal defense programs. By compating public funds of multiple societies over time, we are able to add important knowledge surrounding property rights valuations using a new concept called GDP Indexed Purchasing Power Parity. The findings of this study show that GDP-PPP provides for better indigent criminal defense analysis than per capita figures.

Copyright © 2009 by the International Academy of Business and Economics. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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McKinney, R. E., Shao, L. P. (2009). “Quantitative evaluation on indigent criminal defense funding.” European Journal of Management 9(3), 119-126.