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The Anason Family in Rogaland County, Norway and Juneau County, Wisconsin
  • Lawrence W. Onsager, Andrews University

The Anason family has its roots in Rogaland County in western Norway. The earliest known member of the Anason family came from a region of Rogaland that has since become part of Vest-Agder County, Norway.

Thormod Lovass Anason emigrated to the U.S. in 1869 and settled in Juneau County, Wisconsin. He married Herborg Olsdatter in 1876 which connected him to the Suldal Norwegian American settlement in Juneau County.

  • Rogaland County,
  • Norway,
  • Vest-Agder County,
  • Norway,
  • East Lemonweir Church,
  • Fountain Township,
  • Juneau County,
  • Wisconsin,
  • Anason Family,
  • Western Family,
  • Anna Gurine Western,
  • Minas Anason,
  • Thormod Ananiason Lovass,
  • Suldal Norwegian-American Settlement,
  • Onsager family,
  • Anna Maria Onsager
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Lawrence W. Onsager. The Anason Family in Rogaland County, Norway and Juneau County, Wisconsin. Berrien Springs, Michigan and Mauston, Wisconsin(2013)
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