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Removal of Raw Peanut Flavor and Odor in Peanut Flour Processed by Direct Solvent Extraction1
Peanut Science (1979)
  • Lawrence A. Johnson, Texas A & M University
  • J. T. Farnsworth, Texas A & M University
  • R. J. Garland, Texas A & M University
  • E. W. Lusas, Texas A & M University

Peanut slices can be directly extracted with hexane yielding more soluble protein and better color than pre-press solvent extraction; however, flavor and odor are characterized as raw and “green beany”. The utilization of secondary extraction with hexane: ethanol azeotrope, hexane: methanol azeotrope and absolute ethanol subsequent to hexane extraction significantly improved flavor and odor characteristics of peanut flour. Hexane: propanol azeotrope did not significantly improve sensory evaluations. Hexane: ethanol azeotrope did not reduce soluble protein, yielding an NSI value of 95%. Hexane: methanol azeotrope and absolute ethanol slightly reduced NSI to 88% and 92% respectively. Color of peanut flour was not affected by secondary solvent extraction. Direct extraction of peanut slices with hexane, followed by hexane: ethanol azeotrope extraction, resulted in flour with good flavor and odor characteristics and with lighter color and more soluble protein than peanut flour produced by commercial pre-press solvent extraction.

  • Peanut,
  • peanut flour,
  • peanut flavor,
  • solvent extraction
Publication Date
January 30, 1979
Citation Information
Lawrence A. Johnson, J. T. Farnsworth, R. J. Garland and E. W. Lusas. "Removal of Raw Peanut Flavor and Odor in Peanut Flour Processed by Direct Solvent Extraction1" Peanut Science Vol. 68 Iss. 1 (1979)
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