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Science teachers are developing their own standards
Australian Science Teachers Journal (1999)
  • Lawrence Ingvarson, ACER
  • J Wright, ACER

In 1999, the Australian Research Council funded three three- year collaborative research projects designed to develop professional standards and performance assessments for science, English and mathematics teachers. This paper gives an overview of the ASTA/ Monash Standards Project which aims to support the development of a national voluntary system to provide professional certification to teachers of science whose practice has attained high standards set by the profession. It also discusses the place of this work within the wider context of educational reform, including improved career paths for teachers, clearer long term goals for their professional development, and greater responsibility within the profession for quality assurance.

Publication Date
November, 1999
Citation Information
Lawrence Ingvarson and J Wright. "Science teachers are developing their own standards" Australian Science Teachers Journal Vol. 45 Iss. 4 (1999)
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