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Some effects of the teacher development program in Victoria
Australian Journal of Education (1982)
  • Lawrence Ingvarson

The study traces changes in teachers' views of in-service education during the first three years of the Development Program initiated by the Schools Commission in 1974. It also examines the impact of in-service in relation to other factors influencing change and professional development. The findings are discussed in relation to the recent National Inquiry into Teacher Education, the Auchmuty Report, which recommends an in- crease in the amount of in-service education available to teachers, particularly that which tertiary institutions might provide through a formal, credentialized system of medium-term courses. It is argued that the evidence of the survey points to the importance of strengthening, instead, informal systems of in-service education provision which enable teachers to help and learn from each other.

Publication Date
April, 1982
Citation Information
Lawrence Ingvarson. "Some effects of the teacher development program in Victoria" Australian Journal of Education Vol. 26 Iss. 1 (1982)
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