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Interactive Panel on Perspectives and Practical Skills for Men as Advocates for Gender Equity
Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference
  • Lawrence Genalo, Iowa State University
  • Roger A Green, North Dakota State University
  • Beth M. Holloway, Purdue University
  • Archie L. Holmes, University of Virginia
  • Brian P. Kirkmeyer, Miami Univerity
  • Klod Kokini, Purdue University
  • Daniel Lopresti, Lehigh University
  • Adrienne Minerick, Michigan Technological University
  • Beena Sukumaran, Rowan University
Document Type
Conference Proceeding
2015 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition
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Published Version
Publication Date
Conference Title
122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition
Conference Date
June 14-17, 2015
(47.6062095, -122.3320708)

Men can serve unique and critical roles as advocates of gender equity, particularly in maledominated units or organizations, such as most engineering departments and many universities. This panel brings together a group of men with diverse backgrounds and experiences to discuss their perspectives and offer practical skills for men to effectively serve as advocates for gender equity. This paper augments the panel and captures the backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and recommendations of the panelists, thereby providing a lasting resource for those unable to attend the panel or future interested individuals. The information we present targets men and administrators, who will better understand the barriers to advocacy, learn best-practices of effective advocacy, and hear first-hand experiences of successful advocacy.


This is a conference proceeding from Proceedings of the Annual ASEE Conference (2015): 1. Posted with permission.

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American Society for Engineering Education
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Lawrence Genalo, Roger A Green, Beth M. Holloway, Archie L. Holmes, et al.. "Interactive Panel on Perspectives and Practical Skills for Men as Advocates for Gender Equity" Seattle, WAProceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference (2015) p. 1 - 19
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