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Simulating the Spectra of Light Sources
Computers om Physics (1998)
  • N. sanjay Rebello, Kansas State University
  • Chandima Cumaranatunge
  • Lawrence Todd Escalada, University of Northern Iowa
  • Dean A. Zollman, Kansas State University
The goal of the Visual Quantum Mechanics project is to develop materials that help high school and undergraduate students to learn quantum physics without having a background in higher-level mathematics. To reach these students we are concentrating on activities that integrate hands-on experiments and multimedia materials with interactive software packages. One of the packages, Spectroscopy Lab Suite,] is designed to help students to learn how quantummechanical concepts such as energy levels and energy bands can explain the spectra of light emitted by different light sources. Spectroscopy Lab Suite is incorporated into the Learning Cycle model of instruction, which makes extensive use of hands-on activities. 
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N. sanjay Rebello, Chandima Cumaranatunge, Lawrence Todd Escalada and Dean A. Zollman. "Simulating the Spectra of Light Sources" Computers om Physics Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (1998) p. 28 - 33
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