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Achieving Participatory Development Communication through 3D Model Building
  • Lauren Leigh Hinthorne, University of Queensland

This report is the product of twelve months of research exploring the potential of 3D model building as a tool for achieving participatory development communication (PDC). PDC is a dialogic approach to participant engagement that prioritises critical self-reflection and active listening. Unlike top-down models of development that rely predominantly on data extraction and knowledge transmission, PDC actively encourages horizontal processes of knowledge exchange. In short, this agenda represents a dynamic new way of ‘doing’ development. The challenge now is to identify appropriate, purposeful tools for ‘doing’ PDC that avoid the pitfalls of hollow participation emblematic of much contemporary development practice.

  • participatory development communication,
  • serious play,
  • engagement,
  • international development,
  • Timor-Leste
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Lauren Leigh Hinthorne. "Achieving Participatory Development Communication through 3D Model Building" (2012)
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