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Unpublished Paper
Visual Research and Communication Techniques: A ‘Tasting Menu’ for Development Practitioners
  • Lauren Leigh Hinthorne, University of Queensland

Despite general agreement that development projects should be ‘participatory’ and ‘evidence based’, achieving meaningful stakeholder engagement remains problematic. Meanwhile, substantial evidence indicates that visual research and communication techniques are both well suited to community engagement and have the capacity to elicit different, more nuanced information than traditional survey, focus group and interview tools. This article reviews an array of visual techniques practiced across a range of fields, highlighting their relevance and potential applications to development work. Rather than offering detailed methodological instruction, this article aims to stimulate interest in visual techniques while demonstrating both their potential and rigor.

  • visual research,
  • participation,
  • photo voice,
  • participatory mapping,
  • participatory video
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Lauren Leigh Hinthorne. "Visual Research and Communication Techniques: A ‘Tasting Menu’ for Development Practitioners" (2013)
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