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A Framework for Social Responsible Retailing (SRR) Business Practices
Revista de Administração FACES Journal
  • Thomas G. Brashear, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Anthony K. Asare, Quinnipiac University
  • Lauren Labrecque, Loyola University Chicago
  • Paulo Cesar Motta, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
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The role of retailers in the practice of social responsible initiatives has been overlooked in the literature. This paper develops a framework for analysis of Social Responsible Retailing (SRR) by focusing on retailing business practices across the supply chain to the end consumer and among the internal and external stakeholders of the retail landscape. The framework is presented as a starting point to develop the concept of SRR and focuses on the potential role retailers can play in developing and coordinating social responsible business practices


Author Posting. © Brashear et al., 2008. This article is posted here by permission of the authors for personal use, not for redistribution. The article was published in Revista de Administração FACES Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2008.

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Brashear, TG, AK Asare, L Labrecque, and PC Motta. "A Framework for Social Responsible Retailing (SRR) Business Practices." Revista de Administração FACES Journal 7(2), 2008.