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Students Sharing Class Materials - Can Instructors Intervene?
MSP Chronicle (UMass Amherst) (2016)
  • Laura Quilter
In the last decade, numerous student note-sharing services have sprung up, enabling students to do efficiently, and online, what they had previously done informally (and inefficiently).

What can instructors do to control course-related content on these student note-sharing services?

Short answer: In some cases you can send take-down notices under copyright – and we can help you with that – but the most flexible long-term solution is to 1) clearly communicate to students the instructor’s expectations around sharing course materials and 2) make it clear that those expectations implicate the UMass Amherst Code of Student Conduct. 
  • instruction,
  • copyright,
  • disability law,
  • Student Honor Code,
  • education law
Publication Date
Spring 2016
Citation Information
Laura Quilter. "Students Sharing Class Materials - Can Instructors Intervene?" MSP Chronicle (UMass Amherst) (2016) p. 5 - 6
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