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Wound Healing in Peripheral Arterial Disease: Current and Future Therapy
Journal of Vascular Medicine & Surgery
  • Jon C. Henry
  • Laura Peterson, Wright State University
  • Richard E. Schlanger
  • Michael R. Go
  • Chandan K. Sen
  • Robert S.D. Higgins
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Wounds secondary to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) result in substantial morbidity and burden to the healthcare industry. To aid in the care of this patient population, knowledge of the disease process and current standards of therapy is paramount for healthcare providers.The future care of these patients and improvement from our existing standards hinges on the active translational research. To implement new technologies and advances in the treatment of PAD-induced wounds and ensure adequate utilization of our current therapies a PAD-wound team is necessary.

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Jon C. Henry, Laura Peterson, Richard E. Schlanger, Michael R. Go, et al.. "Wound Healing in Peripheral Arterial Disease: Current and Future Therapy" Journal of Vascular Medicine & Surgery Vol. 2 Iss. 157 (2014) ISSN: 23296925
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