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About Laura R James

While attending a district professional development seminar, I became shockingly aware of the lack of technology teachers were using in their classrooms. I decided to set up virtual visits to museums to allow high school students to look at and talk about art as if they were on a field trip. As an art teacher, I am faced with a limited budget to support my art curriculum, and field trips have never really been an option. Art museums have proven to be a valuable resource for art education curriculum. I started to research literature to find studies in which others have used technologies to bring the benefits of the art museum into the art classroom. In this qualitative research study, I used methods of observation of my own art room, student questionnaire, interview, and document analysis. The data showed that students appreciated the accessibility of artwork, reacted positively to museum-like discussions, and paid attention to the use of various technologies, even though they often worked inconsistently. Surprisingly, I found that some students preferred creating artwork rather than looking at and discussing artwork using new technologies. Overall, most students gained enjoyment and value when virtually visiting art museums.


Present Faculty Member, State University of New York College at Buffalo - Buffalo State College