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HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme: Overview and Annotated Bibliography
Systems and Psychosocial Advances Research Center Publications and Presentations
  • Kevin S. Douglas, Simon Fraser University
  • Laura S. Guy, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Kim A. Reeves, Simon Fraser University
  • John Weir, University of South Florida
UMMS Affiliation
Department of Psychiatry
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Violence; Risk Assessment; Risk Factors; Forensic Psychiatry; Bibliography

Douglas, K. S., Guy, L. S., Reeves, K. A., & Weir, J. (2005). HCR-20 violence risk assessment scheme: Overview and annotated bibliography. Available online:

Originally published in 2005. Current version updated through November 2008.

Citation Information
Kevin S. Douglas, Laura S. Guy, Kim A. Reeves and John Weir. "HCR-20 Violence Risk Assessment Scheme: Overview and Annotated Bibliography" (2005)
Available at: