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Unpublished Paper
The NINJA-2 catalog of hybrid post-Newtonian/numerical-relativity waveforms for non-precessing black-hole binaries
  • P. Ajith
  • Michael Boyle
  • Duncan A. Brown
  • Bernd Brügmann
  • Luisa T. Buchman
  • Laura Cadonati, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Manuela Campanelli
  • Tony Chu
  • Zachariah B. Etienne
  • Stephen Fairhurst
  • et. al.
The Numerical INJection Analysis (NINJA) project is a collaborative effort between members of the numerical relativity and gravitational wave data analysis communities. The purpose of NINJA is to study the sensitivity of existing gravitational-wave search and parameter-estimation algorithms using numerically generated waveforms, and to foster closer collaboration between the numerical relativity and data analysis communities. The first NINJA project used only a small number of injections of short numerical-relativity waveforms, which limited its ability to draw quantitative conclusions. The goal of the NINJA- 2 project is to overcome these limitations with long post-Newtonian--numerical relativity hybrid waveforms, large numbers of injections, and the use of real detector data. We report on the submission requirements for the NINJA-2 project and the construction of the waveform catalog. Eight numerical relativity groups have contributed 63 hybrid waveforms consisting of a numerical portion modelling the late inspiral, merger, and ringdown stitched to a post-Newtonian portion modeling the early inspiral. We summarize the techniques used by each group in constructing their submissions. We also report on the procedures used to validate these submissions, including examination in the time and frequency domains and comparisons of waveforms from different groups against each other. These procedures have so far considered only the (l;m) = (2; 2) mode. Based on these studies we judge that the hybrid waveforms are suitable for NINJA-2 studies. We note some of the plans for these investigations.
Publication Date
January 25, 2012
This is the pre-published version harvested from ArXiv.
Citation Information
P. Ajith, Michael Boyle, Duncan A. Brown, Bernd Brügmann, et al.. "The NINJA-2 catalog of hybrid post-Newtonian/numerical-relativity waveforms for non-precessing black-hole binaries" (2012)
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